Free, Easy to Use, Location Sharing App

Share locations, make new plans, and keep groups
together on the go with Share My Location.

How It Works ....!

Follow this Easy steps to run the App ....

  • Install

    Install the app from the Google Play Store. Your friends do NOT need to install the app.

  • Enable

    Open the app and click on Start to enable location sharing.

  • Share

    Click the Share button. Select the method to share (sms text, facebook, messenger, twitter, email, etc).

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  • Real-time Updates

    Boom, your friends will see your location on Google Maps. No app required. As you move, the location will automatically be updated.

  • Stop Updates

    Click Stop and the app will stop updating your current location.

  • Delete

    Remove all history and create a new unique url by clicking on Reset. The old url and location information will be permanantely deleted.

App Screenshots

Some of the cool screenshot of Share My Location

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Clients Feedback

Some of Our clients talking about Share My Location

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Mattson Resources

In less than 90 seconds, I downloaded the app, enabled sharing, and sent a text to my friends. It was great, my friends tracked me right to their house.

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Runner's World

I left my wife track the progress of each run (which can be many hours long). She knows where to find me and when I will be home. It is great!

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Industrial Solutions, LLC

I use this app to let my boyfriend know where I am as I commute home from work. I take public transportation and just feel better knowing that he is watching.